A Rare Collectible Princess House Earthenware Mug

It is a light hunter green color and the rim of the mug is lined in silver (not real silver, just silver the color) and the handle has the same silver running down the middle. T are also two inscriptions on the sides of the mug. Since the pictures may not be clear enough for you, I will describe them the best I can. To the left of the handle is a picture that shows two people in a bar hugging each other, with the bartender and a customer in the background. To the right of the handle, t is a passage written in an Olde English font that reads:

"The wonderful love of a beautiful maid,

And the love of a staunch true man,

And the love of a baby unafraid,

Have existed since life began:

But the greatest love, the love of love,

Even greater than that of a mother,

Is the tender, passionate, infinite love,

Of one drunken sod for another."

On the bottom of the mug t is a seal that reads:

"Princess House Exclusive"

" Fine Earthenware. Made in England" along with the Princess House crest in the middle.

This mug is is very good condition and contains no dings, scratches, cracks, or any sign of misuse. The mug would make a great collectible for yourself or a great gift for any avid collector.

Shipping for this item will be $6 US, It is insured
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