A stunning Japanese Samurai Sword Tanto

A very good and rare Japanese Sword Armor Percing tanto from the Shin Shinto Era . The blade is very well preserved and in perfect condition with no flaws or problems at all and is in high end polish. The balde is housed in a shiarsaya and has a gold habaki. The sword has separate Koshirae that are themselves in very good condition, comprising a saya in black laquer, a tsunagi, polished horn fittings and goto menuki with silk wrapping, all original to the sword and not added or altered. The cutting edge is 20 cm . The tang is unshortened, signed and dated fully with one hole. The blade is truly very stunning in its construction and is difficult to photograph, but I did my best and looking at the pics should help. The blade has no rust ,openings, cracks, bends, chips or any problems at all. The blade is real thick as well and is truly a beautiful piece.

If anyone can read the papers, please do let me know who made it and when so I can add it. Thanks in advance for some advice.

This sword is one of five items for sale this week. They all have papers and are in good condition. is a very good package for the serious collector at a fraction of the price you would usually pay for this.

Good luck and have fun bidding.