A101 DR9659 Beautiful Leaf and Spider Dominican Amber

a Beautiful Hymenaea Leaf along with a Beautiful Salticid or Jumping Spider
nicely preserved and beautifully displayed
this is a museum quality botanical display speicmen
in a large sized 16gram authentic Dominican Amber Gemstone
excavated in the La Bucara amber mine in late Autumn of 2009
$1.01 No Reserve (estimated retail price $550.00)

Some photos of our last amber excavations in Asia January 2010 (new top secret location for now)
Some photos of our amber excavations in August 2007 at La Toca and La Bucara amber mines

This is an authentic Dominican Amber Gemstone excavated in the La Bucara Amber Mine in the Autumn of 2009.
This beautiful authentic Dominican Amber gemstone is offered here with a complete satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return any specimen within 14 days for a full refund.

Dominican Amber
In the Dominican Republic, Hymenaea trees are called Algorrobo. The Hymenaea tree exudes vast amounts of resin which over millions of years of pressure hardens into amber. Generally amber is found because a landslide along a steep slope in the mountains exposes veins of black lignite. If the lignite contains amber it is gradually extracted by digging along the vein with picks and shovels. After the amber is found
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