a491 TALE OF TWO CITIES English 1sheet '58 Dirk Bogarde

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Note: "emovieposter" is only on our digital image, NOT on the actual item. Also, we are changing our photography setup! Images with a solid black background are ones that were photographed on our new black metal background. We now hold the posters in place with magnets (so we do not have to attach the poster to the wall in any way), which are small and round and resemble "push pins", but we assure you they are NOT! If an image has a black background, know that the odd circles in the edges of the item are magnets that hold it in place, and are NOT a defect! An Original Vintage Theater-Used Folded English One-Sheet Movie Poster (measures approximately 27" x 40") from Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, the 1958 Ralph Thomas English French Revolutionary War melodrama (based on the novel by Charles Dickens) starring Dirk Bogarde, Dorothy Tutin, Cecil Parker, Stephen Murray, and Paul Guers
Important Added Info: Note that this is a rare "country of origin" poster for this English movie! Also note that this English one-sheet measures approximately 27" x 40" and is folded.
Overall Condition: very good or better.
Want to know more about the condition of this item? This poster is in "very good or better" condition! It likely has some minor defects, which are likely to be very noticeable in our "large" or "super-sized" images that you can click on from our small image at right (the extent of the minor defects determines whether it is in "very good" or "very good to fine" or "fine" condition; we never grade any item over "fine" condition). We feel that this poster would be acceptable to most collectors, but if you are condition conscious (or if you would be botd by small defects that are not easily discernable from our larger images) then you should not bid on this poster. If you are like most collectors, and are forgiving of minor defects, then we think you will likely be happy with all items we grade "very good or better"! English one-sheets (from the 1950s and earlier) measure very close to U.S. one-sheets (approximately 27" x 40") and they are among the rarest of all movie posters! Unlike almost every European country (from which you can find just about every poster from the 1950s on), it is next-to-impossible to find or...
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