AAA JADE LIKE Fine Carved Gemstone GREEN & BROWN BIRD FLORAL Figurine 9.75

In real life I'm an in-home counselor with sexually abused girls (thus mentalmike). I know about counseling. Ebay is my therapy. The money I make is spent on the girls for things the system deems un-necessary. I know little about most things I sell. My descriptions are always to the best of my knowledge about the item up for auction. I may not always know much about the item described. If you need to know something specific such as condition or if something is missing, please e-mail me before you win the auction. I appreciate all accurate input as to the true nature and origin of the item listed. I will revise my listing or "END" the auction and relist to ensure accurate information is represented. I will not be responsible if I did not know, and you did not ask. AAA JADE LIKE Fine Carved Gemstone GREEN & BROWN BIRD FLORAL Figurine 9.75" . "AS FOUND" Piece appears to be in EXCELLENT condition. Appears to be jade but too soft. I find no apparent damage of any type. Beautiful Vintage Condition - Typical Expected NORMAL WEAR and TEAR. Look at pics carefully and ask questions. Purchased at an estate of a former US ARMY OFFICER who had been stationed in China immediately after WWII. I am basing my description on notes left on the pieces by the family. Any information concerning the origin of this piece will be greatly appreciated ... read more