AAF GI 1st Lieutenant Sterling Rank Insignia Bar British Made PB

The listing represents a treat for the serious WWII AAF or GI Officer Insignia Collector. Here you have a British made, pin back, AAF or GI Officer's 1st Lieutenant Bar in about outstanding condition. Although not marked, I believe the officer's insignia is made out of sterling silver.

The 1st Lieutenant's Bar features the English triangle pin mount on the backside with beveled edges. It measures approximately 1.1 x .4 inches. Along with the triangle pin mount is a needle and cradle with locking device lever. The Insignia has a bright, mirrored, finish. The bar looks like exquisitely crafted jewelry. (It is difficult to photograph bright insignia without getting reflections in the picture due to the mirrored finish and curvature of the bars.) The bar had tarnished the way sterling silverware tarnishes. I was able to polish the insignia with a soft jeweler's polish. The bar is curved to be worn on the shoulders of a tunic or Ike Jacket, and can be worn on a shirt collar or an overseas cap.

British and Australian made US Officers' insignia represents a genre of collecting in and of itself. The British-made, Silver 1st Lieutenant's Bar would look terrific on a chocolate or pinks shirt collar, a chocolate Tunic or Ike Jacket or on a chocolate overseas cap. It would look wonderful in a shadow box display, also.

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