AAF Type H-2 Bailout Oxygen Bottle

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H-2 Bailout Bottle

Description: Details: This is one of the two types of bailout oxygen bottles which AAF airmen of WWII were routinely issued and carried on their person on missions. Since operations usually were above 10,000 feet in Europe (and occasionally in the Pacific, particularly during the early B-29 raids), it was necessary for airmen who bailed out of the aircraft to have an adequate oxygen supply until they descended to 10,000 feet and below. To supply this oxygen and avoid "anoxia" (inadequate oxygen), each airman was supplied with a bailout bottle which was either strapped or sewn to the flight suit or, in the case of the later cloth alpaca-lined flight pants (such as the A-11 and A-11A), placed in a pocket provided in the pants themselves. Just prior to bailing out, the airman would disconnect his oxygen supply for his mask and re-connect it to the bayonet style connection at the end of the bailout bottle hose. Then he would pull the "green apple" cord on the bottle to activate the flow of oxygen (see image below), which would hopefully be adequate to get him to 10,000 feet without anoxia occurring (which it would be if he delayed opening his chute until he descended to that altitude). All parts of the H-2 are

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