Abe Lincoln close-up stereo photo by Keystone (3-D)

I do not know what will happen to the style of this listing after the June 1st changes. I get the impression, (I hope I am wrong) that the pictures will shrink. If you do not get a giant mono-blow-up that about fills your screen, as well as a full-stereo scan slightly enlarged, email me for a direct link.

(Consignor la) Canadian ebayers, despite what the postage reads above, the shipping is actually $1.60 within Canada.

Lot consists of one stereoview by Keystone. #(H148) 28016 "Abraham Lincoln." (Tight close-up) Some bits of emulsion are off the prints, a tiny bit off his forehead in left print. Tones G+, mt top corners cut, mount otherwise Exc.

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