RARE Abel Pann 1st Ed "The Bible, Genesis" 1924 Israel Lithographs Portfolio

Description : Abel Pann's first edition portfolio of Biblical lithographs, "The Bible, Genesis: From the Creation until the Deluge", published in Jerusalem in 1924 by The Palestine Art Publishing Company Jerusalem (established by Abel Pann). This set is signed in stone, under the lithographs. The front and back covers are bound on linen backed boards, the lithographs are printed on heavy stock paper on one side each.

To create, print and publish these original lithographs in Jerusalem at this time was in itself a major challenge. Several years earlier Abel Pann had brought to Jerusalem its first lithographic press. As nobody there was familiar with the art of lithography Pann took it upon himself to be both artist and printer. For more information about the artist visit: /wiki/Abel_Pann


The edition size is unknown. This portfolio is missing 1 lithograph page noted below. It is extremely rare to find a complete portfolio. EVERY PAGE SPREAD has been photographed for this listing.

List of all lithographs for this portfolio (book reads from back to front):

01.- Frontispiece: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden,

02.- And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters,

03.- And there was light,

04.- Let there be a firmament in the midst
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