ABK Skateboard vintage type razor scooter Roller Derby

I must be out of my mind, selling my beloved scooter. Ah, doesn't this bring you back to the years of black and white t.v., drive in movies, John Glenn, Howdy Doody, and your first wipe out on Mrs. Smith's rose bush?
This fine piece of Americana features the following:
***naturally distressed and aged American 1 ply wood deck. No flex.
***mounting brackets by the What-kind-of- junk-is-in-that-box Corporation.
***Actual belt sander-and-glue grip tape
***Roller Derby roller rink trucks, attached with 1" drywall screws(parts still available for trucks!)
***First Flight genuine American urethane wheels, with semi-precision bearings (they roll just fine)...had a kid on it the other day!
***some assembly required!
***personal relationship with JESUS , and a helmet suggested, prior to riding!
***Original design and construction by Mike Gyver.
****well, thanks for looking. If this is a bit too expensive, (...or what part of BEST OFFER don't you understand?), I have more items on my site.. and mention this ad and get 10% off any longboard complete or kit, through the entire month of May 2011 .
Yes: I added an action photo of someone racing my scooter at a recent event!!!
thanks, Mike/abk skateboards