ABORIGINAL WOOMERA Mornington Is/Cape York Spearthrower


A second old homestead collection acquired on a recent trip in the Charters Towers region of North Queensland has some intriguing weapons. This one appears to be a hybrid of Mornington Island (in the Gulf of Carpentaria) and Mitchell River or Eastern Cape York styles (Cape Grenville).

The peg, together with its orientation in the same plane as the woomera blade, immediately suggests the latter regions. The totemic painting is classical Mornington Island.

Clearly with some age, the piece is nevertheless in good condition, with the peg still very firm in its spinifex mounting.

In cross-section the blade is quite flat, with tapered edges, and its length is 72 cm.

Shipping will be $14 worldwide, and payment by Paypal please, or bank transfer for Australian buyers if preferred, (with relevant local postage)...

I'll be listing items from this collection jointly with others (mainly fiber and weaving) from a Townsville collection. so please keep referring to 'View Seller's other items...'.