ABP American Brilliant Cut Glass Intaglio COMPOTE

I always try to keep at least 2 or 3 pieces of ABP glass listed at all times and I've got some fabulous pieces coming up in the next several months! Many rare, many unusual, all gorgeous! Please check back often!

A stunning antique American Brilliant period cut crystal compote in an intaglio design. Incredible floral design with ribbons, sprays and ovals with inverted coin dots. It has a polished pontil on the base. I could not find a makers mark but it is marked with (the best I could make out) 881L AAN TW1/2. Excellent condition, no chips, cracks or repairs! It measures 7 3/4" in diameter and is 6 3/8" tall. Thanks for stopping by!


" I get people in that have absolutely no idea of how to collect ABP glass or don't have the slightest idea what ABP is all about. They tell me that they will not buy a piece unless it is signed. This is what I tell them. First, signing didn't start until 1896. That was halfway through the Period, so you are eliminating about one half of the glass. Second, Not all the cutting houses signed their glass, so you are eliminating cutters like Dorflinger, for example. Also, many signatures disappeared when people had scratches polished out of the item". G.S.

I always start my items at a very low price and I never have a reserve! Insurance is recommended.
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