ABP Tuthill Intaglio Cut Grape & Leaves Cracker (or Cigar or Candy?) Jar, No Lid

This beautiful old jar stands 5 1/2" tall and it is 5 1/2" diameter. The collar is 1/2" high. If you have an extra 4" sterling silver cap style lid - it would be perfect for this. The ground base with polished pontil is 3 1/8" across. The acid stamp "Tuthill" is near the edge on the bottom. It is faint due to base age scuffing. The only chip I can see is an insignificant pinhead nick on the edge of the bottom. (Look closely at the last photo - I think that might be it just above the double "tt's" in the word "bottom".) Upon close inspection you can see some inside surface marks that are probably scuffs from a flower frog when this was used as a vase. I think I can see a slight "sun" purple tint when this is sitting next to new cut crystal. The last four photos were taken with the camera inside the jar. I am selling this with a low start and no reserve.
I do no International shipping. Please