Abraham Lincoln Authored Promissory note 1854

Offered is a promissory note completely authored by Abraham Lincoln which numbers 44 words. The signature is by Pter Leonard whom is promising to pay John Villars(Lincoln's client). This is number D or 4 of 4 in the number of notes. I acquired this from University Archives a number of months ago. They had all four for sale at one time. It appears that someone owned all four and split them up into four documents. I say this because when to go to /Details.aspx?case=137276 you may inspect the case directly and these documents. It says "Danville, Ill May 26, 1854"

" Four years after date I promise to pay John Villars seven hundred dollars with interest at ten per cent per annum from date until paid, interest payable annually in advance, the first years interest being now paid, value received-"

signed-"Peter Leonard" also marked with letter "D" marking what would have been the fourth payment.

I have also attached a description of these notes that comes from the lincoln law practice site. It states that Peter Leonard gave four promissory notes to John Villars for $700 each and secured them with a mortgage on 202 acres of land. Sarah Leonard, signed the deed. After Leonard failed to pay the notes, Villars sued to foreclose on the mortgage. Leonard defaulted, and the court ruled for Villars, awarded $1,836.80,
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