Abrupt Decay x4 MTG legacy vintage standard Magic Rare

Hello fellow gamers and/or collectors!
It's that time of year again folks. Usually reserved for PTQ and Pro Tour stops its time to liquidate my binders to get ready for a new format. I have pretty much been slinging mono-white for the entire last format (be it standard, legacy or modern) and I have decided to continue to do so. This leaves me open to really push to get my EDH deck complete. This being said, it is time for me to move some product so I thought I would give EBay a chance to be that outlet this year.
There will be a number of auctions, probably exceeding 200 posted this week alone, check my other auctions for cards and I will definitely combine shipping on any you may win.
All cards unless otherwise stated are in NM condition.
Enjoy and !
This auction is for x4 Abrupt Decay.