Abstract Acrylic Painting By Karen Jacobs Tiltled 'Side Squares'/Geometric

Up for sale is an abstract acrylic painting by Karen Jacobs. It was painted in 1994 and is 36" tall by 36" wide. It is signed twice by the artist. Once on the front and once on the back. There is some wear to the painting but I do not know if it was done purposely or not by the artist. I will be adding 2 more paintings by this artist. I do not want to be responsible for shipping this but I will deliver to the buyers pack and ship of choice in the Birmingham area. Thank you for your interest and please see my other items for sale.
Here is an excerpt from the website karenjacobsdotcom
About the Art
An ongoing interest in the linear juxtaposition of remnants and patterns has led much of my work to be classified as geometric abstraction. Organized by divisions which aren't always precise and shapes which tend to stack and interlock, the work may remain totally abstract or venture into suggestions of landscape.
There is, perhaps, a seed of an idea when I begin but I am quickly directed by the work, answering the needs, sorting the puzzles and discovering solutions. I work with layers of thick and thin color, washed or scumbled over a textured surface. Traces are left by the pentimento of assorted mark makers and scrached or removed paint; lines are straight, curved or gestural, surfaces are wiped, dripped and spattered;
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