ABUNDANCE GAME known as Spiritual Cash Flow - Cashflow Game 101 - Rich Dad

I work at Higher Laws and I have access to some "B" stock inventory meaning that the game may have a very minor scratch or imperfection on it. The game is still brand new! The creator of the game, Brandon Broadwater, talked about what changed before he made his first million dollars when he said, "When I was going after the money, it was one of the reasons why... I did not have any. The game teaches how to create wealth by using the mechanics of the Universe. Brandon explains, "The mechanics of the Universe are based on Higher Laws. If you know what the Higher Laws of Relationships are, then you will have great relationships. When you learn the Higher Laws of Money, then you make more money!"
If you are looking for answers, you have arrived. Really, this game and Brandon's message has changed my life. Truly, it has been an answer to a prayer for me.
The Abundance® game has been released on the market and it is taking over because it shows you how to get results! It teaches that having a life of abundance is much more than just a lot of money.
"I have played Cashflow 101 for years, but after playing The Abundance® Game, I will never play Cashflow Again." - John N. Anderson


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