AC/DC Pinball SUPER BRIGHT *T.N.T.* Detonator Box Flasher Mod for Premium/LE

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! I am waiting for my next delivery of PC boards for this product and I expect them to be here by the end of next week. Once they arrive, I will build them that day and ship out by the the very next day. (no later than April 15th which will turn that special tax day into a better day!)

SUPER BONUS!! For your patience, if you purchase this mod within the next 7 days (duration of this auction), you will save 10% off of the regular price of $40!! That's right, only $36 for this very cool, high quality mod.

Now, please read on.......

Here is the first in the "Let There Be "BRIGHT" Lights" series of hand assembled mods for your AC/DC Premium or LE model pinball machine.

The T.N.T. Plunger that goes up and down on the detonator during the TNT song mode of the game goes largely un-noticed, so here is a mod made with not just 1 or 2 LEDs, but SIX EXTREMELY BRIGHT Nichia 183 type LED's!

The LEDs are conveniently mounted on a very thin PCB that installs inside the TNT detonator housing and lights up VERY brightly every time the plunger is activated. Because of the brightness, the effect really stands out (without distracting) and doesn't just blend in with the rest of the playfield lights. Fun!

The mod is plug and play, requires no drilling or soldering, and can generally
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