A New and Accvrat Map of the World- 1651- Gold Foil NR

Vintage Foil print of 1651 Map. At the top it reads in large capital letters "A NEW AND ACCVRAT MAP OF THE WORLD." Next to this, in smaller letters it reads "Drarvne according to (e)Y truest Descriptions latest Discoueries & best Obseruations (t)y haue beene made by English or Strangers." In the upper right hand corner it reads 1651.
Four explorer's names and pictures are inscribed: S'Frauncis Drake, Ferdinandus Magellanus, M'Thomas Candith, and Oliverus vanderNoort.
In the top left hand corner there is a diagram entitled "The Heavens and Elements." In the top right hand corner there is a picture of person's arm holding a globe and is entitled "A Figure of the Spheare." The section on the bottom left hand corner is entitled "The Eclipsi(C) of the Sunni(C)." The section on the bottom right hand corner is entitled "The Eclipse of the Moon(f)."
In the top center there are pictures of two nude women entitled Water (left) and Earth (right). On the bottom center there are pictures of two partially clothed men entitled Fire (left) and Aire (right).
There are two large circular maps that dominate the map. The one on the left is of North and South America and the one on the right is of Europe, Africa, Asia, and what appears to be Antarctica. Although both maps use older versions of the names of continents and oceans.
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