ACEO Original Dog Watercolor Ink Schnauzer Mouse by Kit Lundwall

ACEO original by Kit Lundwall. Watercolor and ink on paper 2.5"X3.5". Two little friends. Painted 6/26/14. Miniature Painting. This is not a print, this is not a reproduction, this is a one of a kind painting Very collectible artwork. If you like mice and dogs, you will love this tiny painting. Start your art collection now. These are beautiful, very colorful watercolors at a very reasonable price.
A little about me, I am a self taught artist/illustrator. Usually work with oil on large canvas but taking a little break and now working with miniatures.I raised, trained and played polo ponies for years. Lived in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado, love the wild West. Born and raised in Dayton Ohio, spent many winters in Wellington Florida starting way back in 1978, numerous summers in New York and Indiana, my home is now in Maine. I have been sketching and painting horses since I was a child where Paul Brown pony books from the library were my favorite sources for Horse/pony anatomy. I have had the pleasure throughout my life of being owned by two beautiful Borzoi, a sweet little Jack Russell, wonderful Husky/Shepard cross and currently, Marlowe, my terrific Scottish Terrier and Ona, the best kitty in the world. Honestly, she could have been a circus cat. Needless to say...I have had a lifetime of incredible animals to teach me all
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