Here is a Rare Opportunity to acquire an ACETONE GT-7 portable electronic organ, produced in the 1970's as a fore-runner of the HAMMOND X-5. The organ has had home use only and has an absolutely BRILLIANT sound. It is in complete playing order, but would benefit from a service and more frequent use. It has a gold contact honeycomb under each key allowing different notes to be sounded using progressive finger pressure (not to be confused with touch sensitivity). Light pressure attains the lower notes whilst full depression gives sound from all 9 drawbars. There is a review of this instrument at /products/106324 which may be helpful. For those interested, I have copied the spec out of the Owner's Guide (see photographs). The instrument also comes with the GT-7 Service Book which contains diagrams for the electronic circuit boards together with a complete wiring diagram of the entire organ. The cable to connect to a Leslie Speaker is wired for a Leslie 825 Solid State 70W. This organ can be played via Leslie Speaker Cabinets 145, 147, 820, 760, 860 and 770. It has a small practice speaker and headphone socket as standard features.


Keyboards Upper Manual: 44 Keys (F scale) Lower Manual: 44 Keys (F scale)

Pedal Keyboard : 13 Keys (C scale)

Drawbars Upper Manual: 16', 5-1/3', 8', 4', 2
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