ACHARA,Nude MEDUSA,Moon,Gothic Fantasy Art, ACEO XR

I dream...

about the mystical beauty of the Underworld .

Artist: Achara

Title : " Medusa's Remorse "

is an ORIGINAL painting,

NOT a print.

Date: 5/08/09

Medium: Acrylic on 100 lb. Vellum Bristol paper

TOTAL size: is a tiny 2.5"x 3.5"


the standard dimensions for ( ACEO ) A rt C ard E ditions& O riginals and ( ATC ) A rt T rading C ard.

Signed and Dated by the Artist, Achara

Artist's Inspiration:

Medusa the Queen...

one of three Gorgon sisters.

Those who look into her eyes...

are instantly turned to stone.

Thus, a plethora of calcified remains (statues)...

are excavated near the Meditteranean.


She accepts her flaws...

and displays remorse...

by conjuring life from stone.

About the artist :

I am a self-taught artist born April 27, 1963 in Korat, Thailand and came to the U.S. in 1969 as a military brat. I share my home in a farming/hunting community near the lake shores of West Michigan as a self-representing artist, wife, mother and dog lover of 4 German Jagd Terriers. I marvel the wonders of nature and i n each art piece I create, I utter a part of my soul.