2 OLD Acoma pottery miniature damaged Mary Torivio


Acoma pottery vessel

with geometric designs

one reads "Acoma" and has a feather hallmark, its about 2-1/2" tall and has a piece broken out...otherwise I see no damage...other than soiled...

the other piece is about 3" tall and has a big piece broken out and other cracks...It reads: "Acoma Sky City" in brown, then "5.00 Mary C Torivio" in ink

these were thrown out in the garbage at the estate sale of a 100 year old lady...who traveled a lot in her young days...I have no way of knowing how old they are...but I think it would be very safe to say before the 1970s, perhaps as early as the 1930s... experts what do you think????

whatever the case, these are much too charming to be in the garbage...put them on a high shelf with the undamaged area facing front...

save the old pots!


6" tall

If you make more than one purchase from me I will combine shipping if it will save you some $. Email me with questions please. Thanks!

The 6" tall at the bottom of description is an error...I cann't remove it because there is already a bid, but as the description of each has the true height