Acoma Owl

Artist : Hilda Antonio

Dimensions : 9 1/2" tall x 8 1/2" wide (wing to wing) x 6 1/2" deep

This is a beautiful hand coiled and painted owl by a very well known Acoma artist. Hilda is the daughter of Eva Histia, another popular Acoma artist. Hilda has a wonderful talent and it really shows in her work. This owl has a nice round body with small wings sticking out of both sides, and painted with large feather designs. The body of the owl is also covered with layers of feathers. The face of the owl has large round eyes that are accented with an orange paint. The mouth of the owl is also painted in this orange paint. This piece is not perfectly symmetric, but it is hand coiled, so this just adds even more character to the piece. Owls make wonderful house warming gifts because they are believed by some tribes to be protectors of the home. The owl is placed in a high place in the home and it will then look over and protect the home and the occupants of the home. This piece is in good condition with no scratches, nicks, or cracks. The bottom is signed by Hilda.

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