Acoustic Research AR-3a - Excellent shape. restored - close SN's AR-3 AR3a

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For sale is a nice set of Acoustic Research AR-3a speakers. Serial numbers 29487 and 29435. These are absolutely beautiful and sound every bit as good as they look. Even my 11 year old daughter commented that "those are pretty speakers daddy" as I was taking the pictures, and the pictures through my crappy 4 Megapixel camera do not do these justice. I really hate to sell these. This has been a tough decision to part with them. I like to collect vintage audio items but, eventually run out of room and have to make the decision of what to part with. I have another set of AR-3a speakers and really do not need 2 sets. Plus, my recent addition of a pair of JBL Sovereign speakers has forced me to make some room. (The sovereigns are HUGE)
I bought these about 2 years ago. At that time, they were restored and rebuilt. Here is what has been done:
1) Old crossover capacitors replaced with new of equivalent values. The old ones are those big square things in the second to the last picture. (hey are not included in the auction but, if the winner wants them, they can have them but would just need to pay for the shipping.)
2) The High and Mid controls were taken apart and completely cleaned and work excellent. Not just
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