Acoustic Research AR-5 speakers

These are a pair of AR-5 speakers that I purchased new some time in the 1970's so I guess I'm disclosing my age. I have not used them in several years and they have been in storage. I did test them the other day and one sounds great the other one seems to have some distortion in the woofer a cracking noise. Maybe it needs a new surround......sorry I'm not an audio expert.

One of the AR-5 badges is missing and the grills are a bit discolored but not bad. The cabinets appear to be in good shape. I can send more detailed specific pictures upon your request. believe they weigh about 40 pounds each.

We are moving and would like not to move these things. I will accept a return if buyer assume the freight costs. I will pack and ship these via UPS ground but unsure of cost and packaging but judging from other listings in this catagory I estimate freight at less than $100.

I believe these things are still quite functional and they certainly still look good.