ACU Improved Military Modular Sleeping System, NEW

For Auction

U.S. Military

Improved ACU

Modular Sleeping System (MSS)

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This auction is for the complete four (4) piece Improved ACU MSS system.

This is the imoproved Standard U.S. Military Specification Modular Sleep System (MSS) utilizing five components that can independently combined into one complete system.

The system has been tested and proven effective for bivouacking in all types of weather.

Made in the USA by Tenner Industries - the sleep system, equipped with a snap closures, allows integration of each sleeping bag to the GORE-TEX Bivy.

MSS includes the following components:

Patrol Bag (foilage green )

Intermediate Bag (foilage green/gray)

Gortex Bivy (ACU Camo)

Compression Sack (foilage green)

COMPLETE SYSTEM provides a comfort range of 50 F to - 50 F (10 C to -34 C)

· Size: 36" x 990" (91 cm x 229 cm)

· Carry Weight: 9 lbs 7 oz (4273 g)

· Carry Size: 13" x 17" (33cm x 43 cm)

PATROL BAG ( Foilage Green) by itself provides a comfort range of 50 F to 30 F (10 C to -1 C)


· Fill: C ontinuous, hollow polyester filament insulation

· Construction: Double layer offset, differential cut

· Outer: Nylon ripstop
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