AD&D 2nd Edition Complete Handbook Lot - Fighter's, Priest's, Wizard's, & More

***These books are in pretty good condition. All the bindings are in excellent shape with no torn or missing pages. There is some price tag remnants on a few of the the books which can be seen in the pictures. And the Wizard's Handbook has a pretty bent up corner which can be seen in the pic as well. That is the reason for the "fair" condition rating. These books are being sold as is.***
Complete Fighter's Handbook - Condition=Good Who says fighters are the poor cousins of the AD&D game? No one will say it aloud af ter reading the "Complete Fighter's Handbook: 128 pages of mind-expanding advice on how to make your fighter the leanest, meanest threshing machine for leagues around. New weapons, new proficiencies, new fighting styles, and "Fighter Ki ts" make this optional AD&D accessory a useful item for players and DMs.
Complete Priest's Handbook - Condition=Good Clerics have long been among players' favorites, but now there are new priest characters for your gaming enjoyment! Within these pages are new rules for mythos-specific priests, guidelines for creating mythoi of your own, how-to's for making new priesthoods. Also here are new priest "kits," so you can play a fighting monk, an amazon priestess, a savage priest, or even a peasant priest (among many others). All this and more is presented in these 128 pages
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