AD&D Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Ed: Tome of Magic (Hardcover) TSR2121

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Tome of Magic (1999 Soft Cover)
This is the Tome of Magic hardback, released by TSR in 1999 for use with the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition role playing game. Take your spellcasters to limits they have never reached before! With over two hundred new spells and magic items, the Tome of Magic stretchs the horizons of every priest and wizard in the AD&D 2nd edition game. In these pages are new forms of wizard magic including elementalists, metamagic, and wild magic, plus expansions of existing schools. For priests, whole new spheres have been discovered - spheres of chaos, law, numbers, thought, time, war, and wards - and powerful new quest spells lie waiting to be tapped. The tome of magic is a valuable expansion for all the spellcasting classes.

The book shows cover wear, moderate edge/corner wear, and various misc marks. There is no handwriting or highlighting inside the book. The binding is tight. The pages are in great shape.

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