ADA Digital Delay 1.28i with Chorus and Flange - Classic 80's FX Rack Mount


CLASSIC ADA DIGITAL DELAY 1.28i w/ Chorus and Flange

Here is an effects rack I got from a buddy in the 80's. These ADA units

are still desirable for their intuitive operation and distictive (some would

say primitive) sounds. Knobs are always better than buttons and menus,

if you ask me. I heard Les Claypool of Primus was a big fan. You will be surprised how

quickly and easily you can tweek a sound and what a broad range of strange

effects you will be able to create.

This rack is in less-than-perfect cosmetic shape due to some scraches on the

top/bottom of the unit (not the front), and two missing knob FACES...

(not the knobs themselves). Nothing that affects the usability of the unit,

though. It is is perfect working order. It has been in storage since around 1993.

Because its not perfect cosmetically, I have priced it very competitively....

check it out- there's another unit here on Ebay at $375 as a "buy it now".

Keep in mind that effects from this vintage don't have quite the fidelity that today's

units have, but they do have a certain tonal character never quite duplicated today.

Please ask questions prior to making an offer as there are no returns.

I have an excellent box
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