ADA MP-1 and MC-1 owned by George Bellas -- !!SIGNED!!

Here is your chance to own a part of shred metal history.
Up for sale is the ADA MP-1 owned by guitar virtuoso George Bellas () containing his personal sound patches. This MP-1 was used as part of his live rig as well as on his album, ' Turn of the Millennium ' out on Shrapnel Records.
The MP-1 was popular in the late 80's early 90's with guys like Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker and Marty Friedman.
This particular unit is in excellent condition despite its use and has been signed and dated by George Bellas.
Also included is the ADA MC-1 foot controller, also with George Bellas' name on it.
Additional detail photos of the MP-1 and MC-1 can be seen here:
For those not familiar with the MP-1, ADADepot () is a good resource for manuals, repairs and mods for the MP-1.
Technical specs from ADADepot:
Technical data:
EQ: Bass: +/- 16dB center @ 180Hz Mid: +/-12dB center @ 600Hz Treble: +/- 16dB center @ 1.6kHz Presence: +/- 12dB center @ 3kHz.
Tube Complement: Four stages of gain using two, low noise 12AX7A/7025.
MIDI: Channel 1-16, OMNI, MIDI OFF, Program change: External 0-128, Internal 1-128, MIDI Mapping.
Chorus: Depth: 0 (none) to 10:1 Speed: 0.1 sec. to 10 sec.
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