Adam A7 Active Studio Monitors/Speakers (Pair)

Adam A7 Active Studio Monitors/Speakers (Pair) Adam A7 Active Studio Monitors

This auction is for a pair of Adam A7 Active Studio Monitors that have hardly been used at all and are in very good condition.

I won't bore you with the technicalities of these speakers, as I'm sure you will already know how good they are judging by the many positive reviews from professional audio engineers around the world who use these speakers in professional studios on a daily basis.

What I will say is that these studio monitors really are the best you can buy in this price range. They truly force you to create better mixes of your music and they are a real joy to work with, as your ears never get tired of listening to them. If you want monitors that give you crystal clear highs from the Adam ART ribbon tweeter, very impressive mids and well rounded lows then you need to purchase these speakers, as you won't find anything better guaranteed.

Check out these rave reviews from audio pros

“ The balance among highs, lows, and midrange sounds close to textbook-perfect; what you hear is what you mix, and while that can sometimes be unflattering, it also means that a mix that sounds good on the A7s will transport well. However, the A7 isn’t a “lite” or “budget” version; it’s a great speaker that, frankly, makes it hard to justify

“Everything I heard during my A7 evaluations seemed to be the truth (and nothing but the truth). seekers of acoustic truth who need a fairly affordable powered closefield monitor should give the ADAM A7 a try. They will work well for critical listeners in a variety of differently sized control rooms, recording environments, post-production and broadcast suites, or wherever more accurate, non-fatiguing audio is considered a virtue” – Pro Audio Review

Tech Specs 4x 50W Class A/B powered active ported monitorLinear DC power supply Woofer: 165mm (6.5 inch), Rohacell / Carbonfibre sandwich Adam Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter (ART) Frequency response: (± 3 dB): 46 Hz – 35 kHz Panel (rear-mounted): Input/HF gain, Hi/Lo EQ Crossover frequency: 2.2kHz Inputs: Balanced XLR + unbalanced RCA Maximum SPL: 105dB at 1m (Peak 116dB) W x H x D: 180 x 330 x 280mm (7 x 13 x 11 inches) Weight: 8.1kg (17.8 lb) Please note that I require immediate payment for this item.

If you have any questions regarding this listing, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you straight away. I'm based in Leeds city centre if you would like to collect the speakers in person and I also accept cash on collection. Otherwise, I will ship the speakers out to you within 48 hours once payment has been made.

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