Adams Clove Chewing Gum

Adams Clove Chewing Gum You are bidding on one sealed package of Clove Chewing Gum. This is a discontinued item and date stamped 2002 on back of the box. You will receive 20 packs with 5 stick in each package. A total of 100 sticks of delicious Clove Gum. Brief History of Clove Chewing Gum Thomas Adams was the creator of chicle based gum in 1869. His Adam's brand of chewing gum was very popular. To distinguish one brand from another, he added shredded licorice in 1872 & created a winner - Black Jack - the first chewing gum to be sold in stick form. Adams brands introduced Beemans pepsin in the 1890's & Clove gum in the early 1930's. Clove, Black Jack and Beemans have been discontinued by the manufacturer, and may never be made again - get your packages of historic gum now. Visit me at . All candy is shipped 2-day priority. Please ask any questions, I will be happy to answer. Be sure before you bid, No Returns / No Refunds. Once feedback is received, I will leave feedback.