Aden 1937 - 1965 Fully Illustrated Top Quality Album Pages /Empire Series !

Aden Fully Illustrated Album Pages 1937 – 1965

These fully illustrated pages were designed and produced as a top class product to give you, the British Empire collector, the best possible way to arrange, mount and enjoy the aesthetics of your stamp collection in an intuitive and easy to use way.

T he pages cover all stamps issued during the British rule of Aden, from the first Dhow set to Freedom from Hunger issue, and are planned to accommodate a straight forward collection which includes the main watermark and perforation changes . Collectors who collect watermark varieties (example: sideways, inverted, etc.) die varieties and colour shades may find our matching quadrilled pages useful.

W e have used the very best archival paper available on market to produce the pages: Wood free, Acid free, 200 grams sheets which ensure the durability of the pages when hinges or mounts are applied as well as the slowest aging processes of the paper. Pages are printed on one side only thus the use of hinges or mounts is easy.

Note that the page you are looking at has white background, and is in low resolution while the actual pages are off-white and in full resolution:

T hese pages are offered as part of the British Empire Collection Series which is to be published (by the territory) during the next few years.
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