This is no ordinary soccer ball, this is the ball based on the new panel technology used at the 2006 World Cup. It's light yet with enough substance to bend the hands of a goalie. This is the ball to bend it like Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. Don't go for cheap imitations, this is the one with the advanced panel technology and unique panel shape design as the +Teamgeist, official match ball of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.----SIMILAR BALLS WITH THE SAME TECHNOLOGY RETAIL FOR OVER $100 ----- COLLECTABLE VALUE: Exclusively for MLS Cup 2006, adidas introduced this new version of the +Teamgeist MLS match ball, to be used for the first time during the MLS Cup final in Frisco, TX. The 2006 MLS Champion will use the +Teamgeist Winner MLS ball for all of their home games during the 2007 Major League Soccer season. ----- • Outer Layer: Thermal bonded. Seamless surface for a more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake. • Bladder: Latex bladder for best rebound characteristics. Special Features: FIFA approved. Highest FIFA rating. Ball has passed test on e.g. weight, water uptake, shape and retention. Size 5---- Since about 1970, soccer balls have been stitched or glued together from 32 patches of material—12 of them five-sided and 20 of them six-sided. These patches are arranged so that each pentagon is surrounded by hexagons. ... read more