Railroad Lock With Key - Adlake Steel Railroad Lock - Rare, Over 10 Years Old & No Longer Used (collectors item now).

Up for auction is this vintage collectable Adlake steel railroad lock . It was acquired from an estate. The lock has the chain and brass key. Stamped on the lock by the key hole is the number 52 . Stamped on the back of the lock are BR for Burlington Route and PAT 2040482 . Stamped on one side of the key is Burlington Route and on the other side is stamped adlake . A friend who worked on the railroad told me this is a rare find for railroad collectors. This could be quite a collectable because is has the lock, chain and key. Would be a wonderful addition to your collection. You may be able to pick this up on this auction for a good price as I am starting very low.

I am adding this statement to comply with EBay's listing guidelines because they removed the listing under their "Government and Transit Uniform Policy": This is an OLD railroad lock, over 10 years OLD, no longer used by the railroad, is a collectable and is actively collected by railroad buffs all over the world.

A great gift for your favorite railroad person. A retired Burlington Railroad person would treasure this old lock. A beauty to display in a case or on a desk, to unique to not display.

Condition: As you can
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