Adolf Hitler Alan Cranston MEIN KAMPF 1939 very rare Hitler's Own Book Senator

Available here is "Mein Kampf: Hitler's Own Book" translated and edited by Alan Cranston and published by Noram Pub. in 1939. This book / paper is 32 large pages complete. Some faint yellowing to the edges and middle fold. A few small tears and wrinkles but overall solidly intact. Colorful illustrations. Here is an informational summary found online:
"Senator Alan Cranston worked for the International News Service in the 1930s during his youth. He could speak fluent German. Cranston’s unauthorized translation of Mein Kampf was intended to show Hitler and his book as evil. It even went so far as to call Hitler the “Greatest Liar On Earth”. The translation was never intended to be objective. The translation was much harsher than the American or previous English translations. After reading the original German version of Mein Kampf, Cranston tried to alert the public through his media contacts about Hitler’s plans. After Cranston read the English translation(the Dugdale Abridgment) which he believed was a diluted version, he made his own unauthorized translation which was published just before Hitler invaded Poland. Cranston criticized American translations of the time by saying they omitted details and each country where Mein Kampf was published was only allowed to know part of the full plan it exposed. The Cranston edition compressed
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