Meet Josie. (I just love this teddy) Josie is a wondeful and chubby antique American teddy bear from around 1910. I say she is an early American bear as she has the typical football shaped torso which is common in alot of America bears.

Josie measures approximately 16" tall, is fully jointed, has shoe button eyes, stitched nose and mouth, original wool pads with holes and repairs, excelsior stuffed and is made from short dense beigh mohair.

Condition: Josie does have some minor wear but is still strong and sturdy. She retains about 90% of her mohair. Her joints are lose giving her a little bit of that floppiness that some many of us fall in love with, has restitched nose an mouth, restitched back seam. As you can see, she does have pad wear....her front paw pads have holes in them exposing the straw...the left front pad has a piece of material inserted at the tip of the pad. Her foot pads are also original and have holes, exposing straw. Top of the right ear is open at the seam which can be fixed. She has some light staining to her mohair but with a light cleaning she could be brightened up a bit. I did give her a very very light washing just to remove and surface dirt.

What is really different about this teddy is she has a little history to her. On her left foot someone has written something,
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