Adorable Carved Bakelite Monkeys~Dangle~Large Pin NR!

Hello and welcome to my auction. A couple of years ago, I carved a couple of monkeys similar to these for a friend of mine. So for this auction, I have carved these two adorable monkeys for you. I know you are going to love them! The first monkey is hanging onto a limb while the second monkey dangles freely from his tail. These cuties can be seperated with a twist of the wrist and can be worn seperately as each one has his own pin. You can wear them hooked together and fasten each one to your blouse if you wish. These monkeys are carved from vintage catalin/bakelite, as are all of my bakelite pieces.

I carved the monkeys from a dark red bakelite. The red carved to be a bit lighter in color. I left most of the origional patina on the back side of the pins. You can see from the picture that the back of the pins are a deeper red in color. I applied a black enamel wash to the monkeys. I attatched wires for the monkeys tails. These have been set into the bakelite and epoxied. I curled the wires so that they can be hooked together and one monkey can dangle from the other monkeys tail.

This is a large size pin if the monkeys are worn together and will measure 5" long. As always, I have signed and dated this pin on the backside of the top monkey. Please remember to add me to your favorite sellers list as I will be bringing
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