adorable reborn baby girl SAMMIE By ADRIE STOETE

Adorable reborn baby girl she has Girl Torso, Body & Limb Sets by Adrie Stoete.

Length: 18.5 inches

Weight: Appox 6lb 10oz .she has a soft vinyl head and 3/4 length arms. Her lower body is full vinyl and is anatomically correct. she has full length legs which join directly into his torso - there is a slight gap between her legs and torso and her legs are able to turn slightly for different positions. Her cloth body starts at chest level and ends under his chin.

Her body has been filled with Heavy Virgin fibre fill and small sealed pouches of tiny steel balls to create a realistic weight.

Her arms, legs and head have been filled and weighted with Micro Fine glass beads and topped with fibre fill. she will come home with Items are as New and Excellent Condition 2 outfit paci blanket in diaper .. .. she smell like new born baby