Adorable Vintage 1950s Figural Iron Sprinkler Bottle

Check out my other items ! Be sure to add me to your favorites list ! Check out my other items!Be sure to add me to your favorites list! In the next few days I will be listing wonderful items that came from a dear friend and neighbors elderly Aunt's estate in Vermont. She emigrated as a young girl from a village in Devon, England. The items will include an absolutely fabulous and huge hand carved circa 1880's arts and crafts bellows with the face of a " green man" and floral motif. I have never seen anything like it. Plus a signed theorem, a gorgeous lace encrusted hand made bride doll, a huge antique adirondack birchbark canoe with hand painted quills, a 1930's seashell mirror, a ruby bohemian glass celery vase, a wonderful hand painted with roses biscuit jar, a 1940s figural childs hat stand, a great box with a chaulk "Dandie" dog on top, a 1950s fun house mirror never opened, a fantastic silverplated vase with heavy reposse work, an incredible 1920's box of baby castille soap with the incredible soaps, and more plus this wonderful 1950s iron sprinkler bottle. So keep checking. I am always thrilled to combine on shipping to save you money. These figural sprinkler bottles are hard to find and a dedicated decorated laundry room is all the rage now with people even collecting vintage clothes pins and antique wire hangers! This is ... read more