Here today is an adorable vintage hard plastic 8 inch Ginny doll made in the 50's by Vogue. Poor sweet little Ginny has a few problems. she's hoping to find someone to love her just the way she is. Ginny is a straight leg walker that works great. I don't see an chipped or cracked joints. She can pose and stand on her own fine but her arms are a little loose when she is without clothes. All fingers and toes are accounted for. As shown in the pictures poor sweet Ginny has the dreaded yellowish colored painted eyebrows and eyelashes. They are not as bad as some that I've seen, for some reason they are not to noticeable. She has lots of red hair with very dark brown open and close eyes, blushed cheeks and tiny red lips. I believe her hair was once braided but now it's styled in 2 side ponytails with little white silk ribbon bows. Some of her bangs are still glued down, I suppose from the factory. Ginny's body is very even toned with no major marks, maybe some loose dust or dirt. She is wearing an adorable untagged pair of factory made plaid overalls, a darling Vogue Doll Inc. tagged 3/4 length sleeve white cotton blouse closing in the front with 2 painted white snaps, a sweet little factory made red hat and red rubber MaryJane shoes. Despite Ginny's problems she is so so so cute looking for some love and attention. Thanks for taking ... read more