Adorned Orthodox Greek Icon Theotokos Virgin John Saint Nicholas Mystical Supper

Beautiful Byzantine Icon of the Theotokos Joy of All

with Smaller Icons of the Mystical Supper, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Nicholas

Greek Orthodox Byzantine

The beautiful central icon depicts the 'Theotokos with Christ' ( Joy of All ). The central icon of the Virgin measures 3 5/8'' x 4 1/2'' and is arched on the top.

The main central icon has 3 smaller icons below it (2 1/4''x 1 1/4 for Mystical Supper) and 1'' x 1 1/4'' for two other Saints.

The windows of the icons are outlined by a grapevine pattern in relief with an elegant gold-colored finish. The whole icon is surrounded by a maroon 1/4'' frame.

The icon images are high quality prints, mounted on wood 5/8'' thick. The colors and tones of all the icons are very warm and pleasing to the eye and soul. The embossing of this icon is of very high quality.

The icon can be placed on a stand (it has a small supportive rod) or hang on the wall by the leather loop on its back.

The overall dimensions are 8 1/4" X 5 3/4" and the top is arched. The icon is new and is a high quality reproduction of a Byzantine icon with the seal of authenticity on the back.

This exquisite icon of the Theotokos is a great spiritual gift for any layperson or priest!

The buyer of this beautiful icon will have several icons in one piece!
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