New Adults Children’s Apache Helicopter 3D Woodcraft Wooden Construction Kit Set

Woodcraft Construction Kits

Build your own Apache helicopter model with this wooden construction kit.

This Apache Helicopter is a 3D woodcraft construction kit and is ideal for children or adults who enjoy making models or working with wood.

Woodcraft construction kits consists of pre cut plywood sheets. Each model is built by slotting the individual pieces together, following the easy to use numbering system included in each kit. Instructions are included showing numbered order of construction.

This Quay Woodcraft model kit can be left untreated or for those who are really creative can be painted.

These kits have great educational value as an alternative to TV and computer games as well as giving you a great model as an end result.

All our Quay Woodcraft Kits are FSC certified so that you can be sure that the wood used has come from well managed forests.

Model construction: Wood

Simply press out the pieces and slot together

Easy to follow numbering system

No tools or glue required

All pieces come pre-cut: Finished model can be painted or varnished

Completed model measures 14cm x 44cm x 40cm

Suitable for ages: 7+