Advanced Combat Training Academy - Imjin - DMZ 2nd ID

This is a certificate to honor a graduate of the famed Advanced Combat Training Academy near the Imjin River along the DMZ between North and South Korea. Graduates of the school got to wear the Imjin Scouts patch, which later began being issued to soldiers who had gone on 20 DMZ patrols. Originally located at Camp Sitman, ACTA was begun on 2 Dec 65, with CPT George Marecek as CO, assisted by 1LT Stuart Jamison and 2LT Gerhart Frick. Subsequent commanders were CPT Donald C. Ingram (1966-67), and he by MAJ Roger H. C. Donlon (MoH) (1967-68). The Academy continued in operation at Sitman until January 1972, when it relocated to Camp Casey.

With an emphasis on mountaineering skills, soldiers were taught one-rope and three-rope bridges; suspension traverse and rock climbing. They were also taught map reading and land navigation, weaponry (accompanied by numerous live-fire exercises), demolitions, tactics, and DMZ rules and regulations.
During DMZ week, students manned guard posts, conducted roving patrols (called "Hunter-Killers"), and ambushes ("Stake-outs").

This certificate is considered a novelty item, and is intended for collectors or those who wish to replace a lost or damaged certificate. It is 8 by 11.5, as shown, on quality stock. Please see my other listings of military certificates and martial arts documents.
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