Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Vintage Lot

Let me first tell you that I don't know much about these books or the role playing games. There are 14 different books in this lot plus some maps and other stuff, and the titles are as follows:-AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide book number 2100 and ©1989, hardcover seen much use. Pocket book titled What is Dungeons and Dragons? A book that teaches how to play the roles©1984. AD&D Aurora's Whole Realms, book number 9358 and ©1992. AD&D Water Deep and the North book no. 9213©1987. AD&D Oriental Adventures hard cover book #2018 ©1985. AD&D Ravenloff four books, Book of Crypts, Cryptic Alliances, Dark Recesses, and Oaths of Evil.set number 9336. Don't know if there is supposed to be more in the set or not, but this is all I have of it. AD&D The Book of Marvelous Magic AC4 book number 9116 ©1984, 76 pages. AD&D The Rule Book to Taladas no.1050xxx1902©1989.D&D Into the Maelstrom, a master game adventure number 9159 ©1985. AD&D Magic Encylopedia Volume One, book number 9293©1992.AD&D Dragon Lance, hard cover book number 2021 ©1987I will answer any question ASAP, but , again, I know very little about these.