Advanced Electric Retract System w/ Steering Nose Gear

Product summary :
• 3 second overcurrent/jamming protection.
• Auto recovery after overcurrent and jamming protection.
• Smart circuit to prevent retract unit from accidentally retractedeven if you connect power of the plane when the RC control was set to retract the landing gear.Protect your plane from scratch or damage.
• Include fitting to twist the strut 90 degrees when retracted.


●This electronic retracts is suitable for the model aiplane which weight up to 3KG
●Included parts to let the main gear able to rotat 90 degrees for some model planes which retracts from leading edge towards trailing edge
●Or setting it to be ordinary retracts from side to side.
●Smart circuitry to prevents the retract unit over current in case it was any jamed by obstacle while in motion. Once it was any obstacle jamed into the system, it will stop automatallically and reset in received your command of gear down or gear up again.
●Working voltage 4.8V-6V
●Working current 0.1-0.3A
●It comes with 3mm landing gear wire. it is able to fit any wheel strut shock with 3mm hole for fitting it.
※※※Most retracts in the market is shorted as left and right. This is no left and right for the main gear, you can install any one on any side. it is still smooth retracting into the bottom of the wings.
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