Advanced Squad Leader ASL Action Pack 7 NEW

This auction is for one brand new/sealed ASL module: Action Pack #7.

ASL Action Pack #7 carries on the tradition of supporting the best World War Two tactical boardgaming system with a package of three new geomorphic maps (boards 60 , 61 , and 62 ) and ten scenarios designed for use with the Advanced Squad Leader game system.

Scenario List:

AP63 The Nutcracker (German vs. Russian, Klin, Russia, 1941) AP64 A Well-Engineered Ambush (British vs. German, Djefna, Tunisia, 1942) AP65 Baw Drop (British vs. Japanese, Baw Village, Burma, 1943) AP66 Cat’s Cradle (Russians vs. German, Cherkasskoye, Russia, 1943) AP67 Cherry Ripe (German vs. British, Centuripe, Sicily, 1943) AP68 Odd Angry Shot (Japanese vs. Australian, Finisterre Range, New Guinea, 1943) AP69 Uncommon Misery (Japanese vs. British, Potsambang, Burma, 1944) AP70 Sons of Slava (German vs. Russian, Busk Sasov, Poland, 1944) AP71 Head In The Noose (American vs. German, near Ary, France, 1944) AP72 Gun For St. Barbara (German vs. American, St. Barbara, Germany, 1944) Ba rbara (G erman v
Minimum bid here is just $19.95! Shipping USA $3.95 Canada $6.95 Everywhere Else $14.95 Multiple auction winners will be invoiced with a combined shipping rate. NY buyers to pay 8.25% sales tax .any, 1944)