Adventure Comics #363-1967 fn+ Legion of Super-Heroes / Superboy

--from DC from 1967-----

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cover Curt Swan (Pencils) George Klein (Inks)------------------

Black Day for the Legion!
(Sequence 1 - Story , 23 pages )

Feature Story: Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes
Jim Shooter; Mort Weisinger (Script), Jim Shooter (layouts only); Pete Costanza (Pencils), Pete Costanza (Inks), ? (Colors), Shelly Leferman (Letters). Edited by Mort Weisinger

Morlo escapes the Legion team on Orando, while at the same time a second Morlo encounters and escapes the team on Daxam. The Legionnaires on Naltor encounter a third Morlo, but all three were decoys meant to distract the Legion from Morlo's real plot to blow up Earth.

Character appearances:
Superboy; Karate Kid; Bouncing Boy; Ultra Boy; Brainiac 5; Phantom Girl; Sun Boy; Invisible Kid [Lyle Norg]; Chameleon Boy; Cosmic Boy; Princess Projectra; Light Lass; Saturn Girl; Lightning Lad; Mon-El; Element Lad; Colossal Boy; Star Boy; Dream Girl; Matter-Eater Lad (all as the Legion of Super-Heroes); Dr. Mantis Morlo (villain); Chemoids (villains); Time Trapper (image only, villain); Dr. Regulus (image only, villain); The Hunter (image only, villain); green kryptonite


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