Adventure Time Comics 1-18 Includes Scream Queens 1-3 and Cover Showcase! Cheap!

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Comic Issues 1 - 18 from KABOOM! (Boom Entertainment).
Student comic girl here trying to send off some un-read comics! Help me out!
All are 1st prints apart from issue #1 which is 3rd Print (Cover is awesome though ^_^). All bagged and boarded for the best protection possible.
Also included is the first three issues of Marceline and the Scream Queens, all 1st prints.
Finally, included as an added bonus and free with this sale is the limited run Cover Showcase in pristine condition just like all the other comics in this set!
Selling at a lower price as these are taking up space and need a happy home! Any collector or Adventure Time fan would be silly not to grab these while they are so cheap! Happy to ship to the US/Canada/Europe and will do so as quickly as possible once I've received your payment.
Happy to take offers too, these are un-read and therefore in perfect, new condition so I really don't want to stuff them in an attic or throw them out. They will be shipped very VERY securely with plenty of packing so hope to be shipping to you soon!!!